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ProcurEmail™ (Product under development. Stay tuned for launch!)

ProcurEmail™ is an incredibly handy software tool that can literally save you hundreds of hours of manual effort and laborious computer searching and researching. Now you can simply type in the meta-phrases for the type of emails you’re looking for – industries, demographics, titles, types of companies, people categories, business or consumer groups, markets, niches, etc. – and let ProcurEmail do the rest.

In a fraction of the time it would take you or a temp or even a gifted programmer to ferret out, locate, extract, compile, organize, and create a master list of perfectly targeted emails, ProcurEmail has the job done. Done right. Done complete. Done meticulously. And done for the amazingly low, one-time price of just $9.99.

Let’s say you’re searching for managers or executives within hospital, healthcare, or medical industry related finance or operations across the Southeastern part of the U.S. Your collection agency is based in Atlanta and you specialize in medical collections. You’ve just hired two very aggressive but very young sales executives. One is fresh out of college. The other has a year and a half of sales experience working for a small medical device company. Growing up in the age of the computer and social media, naturally he and she are pretty good at Googling virtually anything. But you’ve already thoroughly covered the biggest hospitals in Atlanta. And now, you want to not only go after other similar organizations within the seven state region (as well as small to medium-sized) but you also want to start thinking outside the box. What other kind of healthcare related entities exist out there?

That’s where ProcurEmail comes in. Simply type in a string of key words, targeted phrases, and apt descriptors, and ProcurEmail is off and running. The permutations and combinations of words and tags you can choose are endless. Finish one search; start another using a different combination. When it finds websites that are meaningful, it knows how to search, find, and grab every usable email off the site. When it uncovers a related directory or document of an association, organization, trade show, conference, or user group, it gathers up all the emails in minutes. ProcurEmail is both outrageously cunning and insanely competent.

It never tires. It never stops. It never sleeps. It uncovers. It collects. It stores. Word. Excel. Notepad. Whatever you want.

And ProcurEmail works equally well targeting and gathering even the most non-heterogeneous and hard to find individual consumer email contacts.

Put the power of ProcurEmail to work for your company.

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