Your Search is Over

Building upon the widest selection possible of available public and proprietary sources including leading subprime consumer databases, and using cutting edge waterfall design techniques, our new DataTrax National Product has been created to give your professional skiptracers the tools they need to efficiently find (almost) anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyway.

Continue to use our TX Product for ALL your MV, DL, DMV, Car Tag, and other such searches, just as you’ve been doing. But now you can supplement your Texas motor vehicle skiptracing efforts with other types of searches using the National Product to help find your target even quicker, putting revenue in your pocket that much faster!

To emphasize, you’ll want to use the new National Product as a supplement to the TX Product. Your current payment plan and invoicing on the TX Product will stay the same! The National Product has its own Agreement, and you will receive a separate invoice at month-end for any hits you have using the National Product. Note: The National Product searches are all “Per Hit” (No Hit, No Fee).

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